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Navigator II  
Navigator II
  the state of art
  the pool cleaner mariner 3S navigator II has an exclusive electronic compass. This enables it to use the most effective procedure – even along the length of the pool. This allows a logical, whole-area and fast cleaning of adventure pools: fully automatic, in all pools – independent of their shape, depth and fixtures. It can clean an Olympic-size pool in just 2 hours.
•  uncompromisingly clean
  fast rotating special brushes, two pumps with a capacity of 1,200 litres per minute.
•  self-surfacing
  the cleaning robot surfaces by itself and can be started up easily on the side of overflow edges
•  user-friendly and safer
  transport trolley, easy to view control unit, CE checked, safety extra-low voltage < 30 volt
•  time delayed operation
  for automatic cleaning overnight
•  reliable and durable
  the mariner 3S navigator II is designed for heavy duty, daily application and has a very long service life